Terms & conditions

Gar 105 rents the vehicle for the price agreed in the particular conditions of the contract. • Before reserving or renting a vehicle, it is recommended to read the general vehicle rental conditions. • The Gar 105 company always guarantees (Or similar) the reserved vehicle and 24-hour assistance. • The vehicle described in the rental conditions can only be driven by the people agreed in the contract, who are responsible for all infractions committed under the Highway Code, Civil and Penal, as well as for damages caused to the rented vehicle. • The renter declares to have a valid driving license. The hirer must check the general conditions of the vehicle before picking it up and when returning it. •It is not authorized to use the vehicle outside Madeira Island and it is prohibited to use it in a sporty style, as well as outside public roads.

1. General rental information –

1.1 – The lessee and additional drivers must have a driving license (minimum 1 year) and must carry identification documents. • The lessee and additional drivers must be at least 19 years old. • If the driver’s age is between 19 and 25 years old, a fee of €6.50 per day will be charged for each driver, including local tax. Maximum rental fee is €65 per driver. • The rented vehicle must be returned on the agreed day, time and place. To change the day, time and place of return of the vehicle, the customer must notify the Gar 105 company 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the use of the vehicle will be illegal. • The rental price does not include fuel, parking fees, fines and towing in the event of an accident, even if caused by a third party. The lessee is responsible for paying any fines incurred during the rental period.
1.2 – Fines – management and administration service: In the event of a traffic fine, or any other for using the vehicle during the rental period, Gar 105 is obliged by law to identify the main driver, and will charge €40 to the lessee for this service, for each infraction/fine received. • In the event of an accident, the driver must complete the accident declaration (DAF) and deliver it at the Gar 105 counter where the vehicle was collected. • Gar 105 will charge the lessee €40 for the claims management, damage processing and advice (DAF) service. • The same conditions apply, in the case of the processing of fines related to non-compliance with the payment of parking meters by the renter.

2 – Payment conditions – Payment for the rental is made in advance of the rental start date and is made by credit card or in cash. Accepted credit cards: Visa Card, Eurocard and Mastercard. The customer must be the owner of the credit card through which he will make the payment and confirm the reservation. The expiry date of the card cannot be less than one month after the scheduled end date of the rental contract. • All additional payments will be made with the same credit card. • The amount that will be charged to the credit card when picking up the vehicle, includes: rental price, value of all additional fees (if applicable), value of agreed complementary services, and applicable tax. If the customer does not opt for SCDW insurance when picking up the vehicle, an excess will be blocked from €1200, up to a maximum of €1600 (depending on the group of the rented vehicle) as a guarantee. If the customer opts for SCDW insurance, the guarantee will not be charged. The warranty release period may take a maximum of 30 days. (Depends on the payment system and renter’s bank). Unlocking the guarantee is an automatic operation, without the need for any confirmation from our company. • In case of contracting the SCDW insurance, €100 will be blocked when the vehicle is picked up by the lessee, in order to guarantee the replenishment of the fuel level. Unlocking will be carried out when returning the vehicle, after checking the fuel level.

3 – Change and cancellation of reservation

3.1. Change of reservation – The reservation can be changed up to 48 hours before the start of the rental. If it is less, a penalty in the amount of 2 days of rental will be charged.
3.2. Reservation Cancellation – The reservation can be canceled up to 48 hours before the start of the rental. If it is less, a penalty in the amount of 2 days of rental will be charged. • If the renter does not collect the vehicle on the day, time and place agreed upon at the time of booking, a penalty in the amount of 1 day of rental will be charged. • Penalties will not be applied if the reason is: flight delay or closure of Madeira airport. When booking, we ask you to indicate the flight number, through comments (on the website) or by e-mail. • Cancellations can be made by letter, mobile phone, telephone or by email: Telephone: 919 009 092; e-mail: gar105.carrental@gmail.com
If the vehicle is picked up late or returned early, there will be no refund.

4 – Obligations of the lessee (driver) – The lessee declares to have received the vehicle in good conditions of use and cleanliness, with the respective equipment, accessories and documents. • The renter must check the condition of the vehicle when picking it up and returning it. • The vehicle must be returned to the same pick-up address. • Any change to the vehicle returns location is at the customer’s expense. If the customer changes the return location, €25 will be charged for the first 30 kilometers and €0.40 for each additional kilometer. • For each hour of delay in the return, a penalty of €10 per hour will be charged. • The vehicle is delivered to the hirer with a full fuel tank and it must be returned in the same condition. If the fuel tank is not full upon return, the customer will be responsible for paying the amount corresponding to the replacement of the missing fuel, plus a €25 refueling fee. • Upon return, the vehicle must be clean. If you need extra time and resources to clean it, a penalty of €50 will be charged. • If the vehicle requires special cleaning (elimination of smells, stains left by animals, stains left by liquids), a penalty of €130 will be charged. • Filling with the wrong fuel, although without causing damage to the mechanics or engine, will be charged from €300 to €500, (including towing) plus the missing fuel.
ATTENTION! Smoking is prohibited in any Gar 105 company vehicle.
In the event of mechanical breakdown or accident, the customer is obliged to contact Gar 105 company as soon as reasonably possible and in accordance with the circumstances. The lessee is requested to keep copies of completed documents. In the event of an accident, it is necessary to contact the police to fill in the protocol (DAF). • If the customer does not return the vehicle in accordance with the rules agreed with the Gar 105 company, the lessee (driver) becomes responsible for paying a penalty of at least €150, which will be debited from the customer’s credit card, right after the end of the rental contract.

5 – Delivery / Return of the vehicle outside opening hours – The delivery or return of the vehicle outside Gar 105 opening hours is subject to the payment of a extra fee of €40. Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

6 – Insurance

6.1. The rental contract includes third-party insurance, insurance against damage and theft of the vehicle (deductible), and taxes (VAT). • The Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) insurance can be subscribed additionally from €12 per day. If the SCDW insurance is taken out, the customer’s liability for damages is €0.00. Otherwise, the liability will have the value of the deductible. • No insurance covers theft of objects inside the vehicle. • No insurance covers possible damage to the vehicle due to improper use of the same, or due to its use under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Damage that is visibly caused by the renter (driver) with the intention of damaging the vehicle is also not covered. • Tires, windows, keys, interior and bottom of the vehicle are also not covered. • Tires and glass, can be subscribed separately from €8 a day.
6.2. – Roadside assistance – No SCDW with deductible: Reduces liability for vehicle damage, loss or theft. The lessee will be responsible for paying up to the limit of the deductible corresponding to the vehicle group. 24-hour service that includes a replacement vehicle free of charge at a Gar 105 agency, always subject to availability and as long as there is no fault. • With SCDW without deductible: Reduces the renter’s liability for damage, loss or theft of the vehicle to €0.00, 24-hour service that includes a free replacement car at a Gar 105 agency, always subject to availability and as long as there is no guilt verified, the service of towing the vehicle, and transporting the passengers to their destination.

ATTENTION! The insurance is only valid if the lessee (driver) calls the police to address and fill in the protocol (DAF), whatever the damage. The insurance does not cover damage caused by improper use of the vehicle by the lessee (driver), or due to the use of drugs or alcohol or in case of theft of the vehicle due to loss of keys.

All responsibility passes to the lessee if he does not inform, as soon as reasonably possible under the circumstances the company Gar 105 and the police about the accident that occurred • The lessee (driver) is responsible for defects or apparent damage that are not registered in the rental contract, and detected as “new damage” at the time of the vehicle return.

7 – Prohibited – Use of the vehicle outside Madeira Island. Driving off public roads and in a sporty style is also prohibited.

8 – VAT – VAT on RAM corresponds to 22%. All fines and fees include VAT.

9 – Rates – Child or baby seat; from €7 per day, maximum €65 per rental. • Additional driver or driver aged between 19 and 25 years old; from €6.50 per day, up to a maximum of €65 per hire. • GPS; from 5€ a day, with a maximum of 65€ per rental. • Pickup and delivery of the vehicle outside our facilities €25 per journey. • All rates are subject to change without prior notice at any time of the year.

10 – Judicial Obligations – Both parties agree that, for the resolution of any dispute arising from this contract, the Funchal District court will be competent, unless it implies a serious inconvenience for one of the parties, without prejudice to the interests of the other party.

11 – Complaints – Gar 105 has a physical and online complaints book, and through the website www.livroreclamacoes.pt. You can also direct your complaint to the website reclamacoes@amt-autoridade.pt, and also by our email gar105.carrental@gmail.com

12 – Data Protection – The Client authorizes the introduction of his personal data in a Gar 105 file for processing within the scope of the purpose of this form and, specifically, for marketing purposes, customer satisfaction surveys and informing about products and services. The data provided by the customer is complete and accurate. The customer was informed that he may exercise the rights over his data provided for by law by registered letter sent to Gar 105, to the address Caminho do Pinheiro das Voltas, N.º 21, 9000-285 São Martinho – Funchal or to email address: gar105.carrental@gmail.com